Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)

If you suspect that you work place, vehicle or home has been ‘bugged’ then please do not call us from the area in question and consider using a phone that is not related to you. Only then will NPI staff be able to securely and safely discuss your suspicions in complete confidence.

Our fees are based upon the size of the property/establishment involved plus a number of other factors including geographical location and your time scale requirements.

Electronic ‘Bugging’ comes in many guises, such as listening devices, tracking devices, recording equipment and covert cameras. With more innovative equipment being introduced to the market weekly NPI constantly examines the TSCM trends to ensure we continue to utilise the most sophisticated detection equipment available.

Our Counter Measure Services Includes:

  • Electronic Sweeping of target premise for wireless and hardwired devices
  • Electronic Sweeping of phone lines for intercept devices
  • Electronic Sweeping of target area for covert cameras
  • Electronic Sweeping of vehicles for GPS Trackers and other wireless devices
  • Physical search of target premises and vehicles
  • Physical examination of all power outlets, sockets and furniture
  • Investigation and background checks on individuals or companies suspected of seeding the device (Additional costs may be incurred for this service)
  • Following a comprehensive electronic sweep and physical search of the target area our clients are provided with a ‘CONFIDENTIAL’ status report. They are then formally debriefed regarding the potential for follow on tactics or other suitable counter measures.
  • NPI can provide a quality service that affords peace of mind combined with tactical options to counter further invasions of your privacy.


DO NOT call NPI from a phone or area that you believe may be under electronic surveillance.
DO NOT email NPI from a computer that you think might be compromised.