Subject Profiling

There are occasions when a CV or formal introductions are just not enough. Do your instincts tell you something is amiss? Trust your instincts they are usually correct. Whether in your business environment or an informal social circle you may need to know exactly who you are dealing with. Only then can you confirm a persons’ true agenda and motivation. Knowledge is power and having the edge that provides an advantage is invaluable.

North Point Investigations Ltd has the capability to conduct deep data mining and covert enquiries in order to provide a detailed subject profile to reveal the true person.

Additionally, NPI Ltd can arrange to call on previous employers, schools, landlords, referees to name just a few key avenues of discovery. We will mine deep to uncover the skeletons or possibly the jewels.

Area Profiling

Moving business or buying property? Are your children about to go to university? Do you have a teenager who wants to holiday alone or maybe you are leaving the country for pastures green? Whatever the reason you can reduce the stress and uncertainty by directing North Point Investigations Ltd to research and profile that particular area of interest.

This is more than just a quick time drive through. We will provide a detailed and comprehensive report that address’s all your requirements and much more.

Crime statistics, Property prices, Nuisance neighbours, Noise Pollution, Quality of local Services, Mobile phone signal, Historic interests, Future developments, Rent-able values, Parking issues, Drainage systems, Hidden Civil Maintenance charges, Flood threats and more.