How much does it cost for a surveillance officer to deploy?

The cost for surveillance work will always be based on the clients’ aims, the operational risk factors and how many operatives would be required to effectively monitor the target(s). As such it is very difficult to estimate a general price. That said all costs would be agreed in advance and a set budget would not be exceeded unless authorised by the client.

Our Team:

NPI Ltd has the capability to deploy a full conventional surveillance team at reasonably short notice, however we have found that our clients often prefer the smaller unit that can deploy within the hour.

Both units typically consist of ex Police Special Branch and Military operatives who are trained in covert surveillance and monitoring techniques.
In conjunction with experienced operatives NPI Ltd will deploy technical equipment to aid the surveillance at no extra cost. Items such as technical observations vehicles, encrypted covert communication sets, asset trackers and listening devices are amongst the covert inventory held and maintained by NPI. We do not use third party equipment.

Technical Vehicle(s):

Our latest technical observations vehicle has five (5) covert cameras supplying vehicle security whilst at the same time the system supports an additional three (3) covert PTZ cameras for product capture. There is also a provision to take covert stills photography and if required an added ability to utilise IR & II-night vision aids.

Surveillance Vehicles:

Our dedicated vehicles are all equipped with covert communications and imagery equipment. The ever-changing fleet consists of commercial vans, 4x4s, motorcycles and saloon cars. We also have the ability to source bespoke / specialist vehicles at short notice North Point Investigations Ltd has the capability and proven expertise in the collection of evidence, intelligence and information which is conscientiously obtained, properly evaluate and expertly presented on your behalf.

The relevant product would be harvested lawfully (covertly if required) to ensure easy inclusion in any subsequent prosecution or disciplinary investigation you may wish to initiate at a later date.