About Us

The handpicked investigators and operatives of NPI Ltd form a truly dynamic and diverse operational team. Their previous training, experiences and successes provide an expert capability to meet the tailored needs of the client.

NPI does not use depictions of high-rise office buildings or claim ‘Multi National’ status. Nor do they display misleading images of technical equipment or portray the business area to be glamorous. NPI Ltd are genuinely grounded, resolute, swift and bold in their area of operation.

“A quality service that provides positive results is the true measure of our professionalism”

All NPI investigators and operators have engaged in covert National Security Operations and Serious & Organised Crime investigations. A number have also supported government departments and agencies in some of the worlds most hostile environments. Such deployments focused on close protection, HUMINT, intelligence exploitation and evidence gathering. The integrity, composure and good character of the team is without question.

For several years the founders of NPI have harvested and maintained a web of confidential contacts that remains integral to everyday business. The company has a reach into most environments which in turn provides an envied ability to gather reliable information and intelligence on a global scale.